Dan_PhotoMy name is Dan Fuchs.  I grew up in Watertown, SD, and attended South Dakota State Universtiy where I received a B.A. in Sociology and then enrolled at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, KY, where I am currently in my 4th year of 5, pursuing a M.Div and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies.  I am 25 and love the outdoors: hiking, hunting, fishing.  I met my fiance at Asbury (getting married the end of January) and now we serve on the pastoral staff of the same church in Cincinnati, Monfort Heights UMC.


I am currently the Pastor for a young adult ministry called Threads at MHUMC.  We just joined this ministry of Christ with the hope and goal of revitalizing our approach to ministry in such a way that we reach out to the millenials in the area surrounding the church.  Threads is characterized by bringing the time-tested realities of the Christian faith and Christian tradition into the modern era: revisualizing, reimagining, and recontextualizing them; all without sacrificing the truths of the Gospel for the purpose of “hipsterfication.”  The Gospel is not always easy to hear, it is not always easy to follow, but it is always the truth and the true path.  The goal of Threads is not to water down Scripture or the life of a Christian, but to invite all who come into the exciting adventure that comes from being a disciple of Jesus, and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


In a connectional network, ideas are very easy to be passed along from one to another, and this format of networking is only enhanced when individuals that are at a similar period of life and ministry are able to work together.  Refresh allows the opportunity for new, creative, and fresh ideas for ministry and life to develop and ultimately engage the church and popular culture.  A huge blessing of Refresh is that in the midst of the network there aren’t a plethora of seasoned veteran pastors that may be stuck in a rut or a pattern of ministry that could tarnish or taint the dreams and imagination of young clergy.  On the flipside, we all at times need our emotions tempered by the wisdom of years and others, but that is the purpose of larger connectional networks.  It will be a major blessing to the ministry of all young clergy that connect through Refresh, because there is a great potential to foster dreams and imaginations, and let the Holy Spirit guide us to truly exciting heights.


This blog is done in coordination with Refresh, a young clergy network in the West Ohio Annual Conference of the UMC.  This is the first blog out of twelve in a twelve month prompt.