New Year, New You. These famous words have been spoken as encouragement for a changed lifestyle. People make resolutions every year, to eat healthier, lose weight, or any host of self improvement topics. I have a challenge for you as you begin this new year: “Start the Journey with us as We Strive to Live a Radical Life.”


Last week at Threads Worship we looked at Acts 2:42-47.


This passage tells us what life in the early church looked like, initiated by Peter’s first sermon after Pentecost. After reading and trying to look into this scripture from different angles, we were impressed with the nature of the lives that the first Church led. These were not simple, ordinary, run of the mill lives; these lives were lives lived radically, lived with a purpose. These were changed lives!


The church ate together, paid close attention to the teachings of the apostles together, prayed together, worshiped together, and had all their property in common so as to benefit the entire congregation. These were lives that were so far outside the norm that by the very act of them living they were proclaiming a different set of standards, a different set of priorities, and a different calling than all those around them.


It is this type of radical lifestyle that all Christians are called to. This is not a temporary calling as a call to fast or a capital campaign in a church may be, but this rather is a lifestyle calling. It is a life modeled after Christ, a life of love, prayer, devotion, holiness, and Spirit-Led interactions that will define us in 2015 and always. As 2015 goes on, a major theme of this blog will be living lives radically different than that of the cultures we are a part of.


I am resolved to live a wholly radical life modeled after Jesus from this point onward, until the moment my God calls me home.


Will you join me in this resolution?