Who are we?

We are a broad cross-section of the Monfort Heights community with a diverse range of family types; all ages, races, and interests are represented here.  Some of our folks have lived nearby and worshipped here for over fifty years. Some of us are so new we are still learning where the light switches are.  Some of us wear suits on Sunday, and some wear shorts and sandals. We are different in many ways, but we share a common love in our hearts for God, his son, and his people!

Who are you?

So maybe you’re new in the west side?  Maybe you’re going through significant change in your life. Perhaps your faith needs refreshed or you are exploring if there is any value in attending church. You may be a “seasoned saint”, or considering whether or not God is even real. Whoever you are today, and whatever your circumstance today, you are a person that God loves – and this alone makes you important to us. You have needs, and gifts and graces to share. So do we. Browse our site, then visit our real church and meet us in person. Our spirit is infectious. We would love for you to join us as we CONNECT to God, BECOME disciples of Jesus, and SERVE in the world.


Mission Statement

A Christ-centered community that:
CONNECTS people to God,
empowers them to BECOME disciples
and then SERVE the world.