Baptism in the United Methodist Church is for persons of all ages.

Baptism is a time where we commit our hearts to the love and ministry of Jesus. Through the waters of baptism persons are cleansed of sin and made clean before God so that the Holy Spirit might enter their hearts and lead them into the salvation and grace of God. Baptism is performed one time in the life of a believer for we are assured that God’s word and promise is forever reliable.

Typically we baptize by sprinkling, but if so desired, persons can also be baptized by pouring or immersion.

Child and Infant Baptism is celebrated in our church because we believe that God loves all His children regardless of their age. We recognize all baptisms as a special moment when the community of faith gathers around family members and covenants (that is, commits) to love them into the love of God. We believe that God is faithful in the covenant of baptism and that through the church that all children can come to know that God is Love and that God always has a place for them.

United Methodist resources on baptism are available here.