The mission of the United Methodist Church is to ‘make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.’ The main arena where discipleship occurs is in the local church. At MHUMC we have (locally) determined that we exist to connect people to God, empower them to become disciples, and equip them to serve the world.

We seek in all ways to be Known by Our Love.

And our mission is to Connect-Become-Serve.


“Empowered to Become” means we actively seek to become a follower of Jesus. Jesus’ followers are people who seek to know their Lord and Savior as deeply and intimately as possible. This deep and intimate relationship comes as we explore Jesus’ life and teachings and invite the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts and lives in His ways. Becoming is an incredible adventure and it leads to lives filled with the abundant blessings of God.

Solid, Biblically-based teaching is the foundation of becoming—Check it out: there are offerings available all the time!

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