Troop 98 meets on Monday nights in the Kick Back Cafe at MHUMC.


A Letter from an Eagle Scout to MHUMC:

Dear Church and Church Members,

Thank you all so much for your help in making my Eagle Scout project a success! We were able to raise enough money to complete the project with your help, and my enthusiastic and hardworking team of troop, church, and family volunteers was able to finish the entire project in one day! We were able to do everything we had hoped to do and more, including repairing the Asbury Sign, putting in a new flagstone walkway, and straightening almost all of the headstones. Together with the repainting of Asbury Chapel that the church completed, everything looks really great out there!  If you haven’t been over to the cemetery area to see the improvements (and some of the very old gravestones that were partially buried and now righted) , please check it out! It would have never been possible without the church’s support, and I cannot thank you enough for your support and blessings.

Thank you,

Nicholai Lekson, Troop 98

Sign installed