Why I Love MHUMC:

  • Being loved and loving; Being in the presence of the Holy Spirit with: Preaching, Peace, Fellowship, and Unity of All
  • It strives to reach out to our community and spreads the love of God to our children
  • I love the beautiful sanctuary, especially at Christmas, and the music
  • The Spirit is working here
  • The Love of our members; The outreach of our members and the Love of Jesus that is with it
  • Our youth ministries, Pastor Lauren, and Pastor Dean
  • We love the compassion of the members who really care about each other
    –Tim and Paula
  • I love the folks who make MHUMC a loving and caring church!  Sunday AM is very special to my week
  • I love this church because we pray for one another in good times and hard times
  • The Freedom to Worship as we Should: Awesome church, Awesome pastor, Awesome people, Awesome God
  • Because of the people: they are so caring and friendly…like family
  • Because the people there are nice like: Mrs. Herring, Mrs. Wiz, Mrs. Lauren, and Mrs. Grace
    Love, Molly 🙂
  • Because of the youth programs, especially Pastor Lauren 🙂
  • Because our children are so welcomed
  • No matter the way my day, week, month, year…I can come to this place and receive the care and love of God.  This was a place for my family to heal.
  • I feel like I’m part of a really cool family
  • I always feel welcomed when I’m here.  MHUMC is like a second home to me
  • I love this church because they are family and most especially because of the love and acceptance they have and share with everyone including me, a stranger.